Picture This!

Gardeners! Do you have an indoor plant, flower arrangement, outdoor garden, or landscaping photo that you would like to share? Here’s the place to impress, inspire (or lament! ), and share ideas about your indoor or outdoor successes.  

Email your photo to heartofvamg@gmail.com with a first name, city, and a short description of why you are submitting it.  We will try to post it as soon as possible. 

This is Jill from Richmond, VA. I like to walk around my yard and find “what’s poking up” or ready to go to sleep and make a quick arrangement. Some crazy combinations have resulted – but still make me smile! Here is the middle of March with high and low temperatures. Flip-flops or winter boots?
This is Chris from Farmville, VA. When my winter arrangement gift starts to droop, I walk around the yard and replace it with fresh ferns and berries. I add the next holiday ornament and have weeks more of enjoyment!