Here are some ways to start . . .

  • Volunteer to help with a project or activity.
  • Visit our Q&A table at a local event.
  • Ask a Garden Related Question—and we will get back to you. Amber Taylor: aamber@vt.edu
  • Contact your county agent below for more information.
  • Get more information about our organization HOVMGA, which includes all three counties: Buckingham, Cumberland, & Prince Edward counties – dfehrer@piedmontswcd.org
  • Join the next Master Gardeners Training Class for 2024!

Who are Master Gardeners? Check Virginia Tech’s information site for more information about this state-wide program:


For more information about your local area (Buckingham, Cumberland, & Prince Edward counties) , please contact your local Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) office and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Buckingham VCE: Jennifer Ligon, ANR Agent, (ligon@vt.edu). Office: (434) 969-4261.

Cumberland VCE: Amber Taylor, ANR Agent, (aamber@vt.edu). Office: (804)-492-4390.

Prince Edward VCE: Amber Taylor, Interim ANR Agent, (aamber@vt.edu). Office: (434) 392-4246.


Master Gardener Trainees complete 50 hours of classroom instruction in subjects such as basic botany; soils & fertilizers; plant propagation; diagnosing plant damage; pesticide use & safety; trees & shrubs; lawn & turf management; pruning; landscape design; water quality; and organic practices. After classroom instruction has been satisfactorily completed, trainees become Master Gardener Interns. Interns are required to volunteer an additional 50 hours during their first year before becoming an official VCE Master Gardener. Active Master Gardeners must receive an additional 8 hours of advanced training and volunteer at least 20 hours each year to remain a VCE Master Gardener.


To remain a Master Gardener in good standing, each year members must receive an additional 8 hours of advanced training (Examples: workshops, webinars, share a gardening book report) and volunteer at least 20 hours each year (Examples: help at events such as the annual plant sale or “Lunch & Learns” workshops, Bag a Tree, share ideas through eMail, tip Line, or table (Examples: Farmer’s Market, coffee shop, library) and more! Easy!

HOVMGA Mission Statement